Nuns, Orgasms, and Guns!

2012-08-01 19:02:55 by brycemilburn

Here is a screenshot from my first music video that I have ever directed. It is for an old college roommate of mine, who is now based out of LA. You can find more of his work/music online at or

</div>I cant seem to get the video to be embed into my post. So you can watch it here!

Nuns, Orgasms, and Guns!


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2012-08-01 21:22:56

Did you get a boner on set?

brycemilburn responds:

everyone did. even the ladies did.


2012-08-01 22:35:59

where did you go to college?

brycemilburn responds:

savannah college of art and design


2012-08-02 01:17:24

I clicked on this thinking it was a trailer for Timesplitters 4, but I guess I was mistaken...


2012-08-02 17:40:03

Sweet! Well done. Was sexy but had its fair share of goofiness too. Can't honestly say it was amazing or anything, but hey, this is your first music vid, and I wasn't really a fan of the song, sooooo.

You've got a bright future ahead of you, son :')

brycemilburn responds:

ha thanks man. we did what we could with the budget we had.


2012-08-02 23:39:55

my music has the same affect on people. true story.

it was a sweet video, definitely showed it to some people and got plenty of positive feedback. keep up the good work.

brycemilburn responds:

thanks man